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Whether you call it luck, or fortitude, I travel constantly and from this I gain valuable knowledge. I figure it is info that I should not keep to myself, but should share whenever I have the chance. Hopefully, my passion for travel will assist, and possibly inspire everyone to skip the same old same old spots, and aspire to jaunt off to destinations unknown.


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Keeping your kids calm at the airport

Kids – who’d have them, eh? Well, apparently quite a lot of you, judging by the number of children that exist. But, while your tiny bundles of joy are undeniably cute and really quite lovely little things in the right situation, it’s undeniable that they can be a bit of a chore when they get […]

4 Things to Do If You Happen to Be Stuck at an Airport

Many of us have had the unfortunate experience of having to spend endless hours in an unknown airport while waiting to board our next flight. This can happen from time to time, especially to international passengers who have to make connections from one place to another. Other times, bad weather can actually cancel the flight […]

Top 10 things to do in Hull

Planning a trip to Yorkshire or the north of England? Don’t miss Hull off the list. Hull has traditionally been seen as a sleepy market town but in recent years it has transformed into an exciting and interesting place to visit. Hull is located in the East Riding area of Yorkshire, north from Yorkshire’s Humber […]

Still Travelling, After All These Years

Reaching a certain age doesn’t have to mean an end to holidays. It may take a bit more planning and the nature of the holidays may change, but for most of us, we can still enjoy time away from home. What might holidays look like as we grow older? Michael Palin, at the ripe age […]

Self-catering accommodation gives you freedom on holiday

If you want a relaxing holiday with the freedom to do exactly as you like then self-catering holiday properties in South Wales are the way to do it. Self-catering accommodation is becoming more and more popular as people begin to realise the advantages compared with a conventional hotel. Self-catering properties are a home from home […]